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Built from scratch

We personally build each product from high-quality raw materials and operate our own production processes to deliver consistently good products.

Sticking with the bare essentials: We believe that the best products are those that distinguish function through robust structure and lean components. At Swiss Charger, we spend a great deal of time selecting top-grade ingredients to create top-grade product.

 Diving deep into the production process: It is our responsibility as integrity-driven designers and engineers to go the extra mile when creating the bits and parts of a product. All Swiss Charger products are 100% made inside Swiss Charger production facilities—all operating under strict Swiss Standards of detailed workmanship and quality.

 This is done so that we can follow through on our promise of “substance, form, and function” in each product.

Built to last

Physical endurance and performance longevity.

Tried and tested: Through rigorous benchmark tests, refinement processes, and critical user experience sessions, we make sure that all our products achieve performance levels that are consistently above industry average. We also strive to make our products stand the test of time so that we can reduce the environmental impact of non-biodegradable landfills.

Truth be told, we spend a lot of our time in the test labs.

Built for enhanced utility

The Swiss Charger “Plus”

“Plus” equals functional convenience: From the very beginning, we always think about the mobile device user as the center. In fact, we require our teams to get in-depth firsthand experience from prototypes they create for extended periods of time, which allows us to fully empathize the core functions of each product and remove anything that’s unnecessary to our design goals.

 It’s all about giving you products that feel “extra” convenient for you and work great in your daily activities.

Tested Quality

It is our responsibility as passionate designers and engineers to go the extra mile when benchmarking and refining our products so that they are beyond industry standards. We are able to do this because of Swiss Charger's strict guidelines to relentlessly stress test its products to their limits. Our production facilities fully operate under Swiss Standards of detailed workmanship and strives to deliver quality before any profit. So whether we are in the test lab or assembly plant, we always make sure our finished products have three things in common: Substance. Form. Function.